• M. Sc. in Biology, special on Plants Systematic. KhonKaen University. Khonkaen,Thailand in 1997 
  • Ph.D. in Biology, special on Plant Systematic from Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden  in 2010
  • Plant Systematist, Flora Specialist, Ethno-botanist  and Ecology Researcher.
  • Lecturer at Biology Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS), National University of Laos (NUOL) 
  • Teaching and researching on the field of Plant taxonomy, Etno-botany, Biodiversity and Conservation,  Tropical Botany, Modern Method in Plant Taxonomy, Advanced Biology, Higher Plant and its Potential Value, Advanced on Living things Classification. Ecology on floristic Characters and vegetation composition.

     I‘m Vichith Lamxay, a Lao national with experience as lecturer at Biology department, Faculty of Natural Sciences, National University of Laos. I am plant systematist, Flora and its ecosystem services researcher, facilitator and trainer of Faculty of Natural Sciences. I am the National consultant in many projects and have worked for IUCN, UNDP, GIZ, WCS, WWF, WB, MORE, MOST, MOFA, WMPA, NAFRI, NUOL. I have been a long standing working for National University of Laos as a lecturer and researcher in the field of plant diversity and Biodiversity conservation since 1983. I have expertise in project specialist as a plant taxonomist, Botanical specialist and Vegetation ecological assessment.  My relevant work experience includes scientific researcher on diversity of flora and forest ecosystems analysis, NTFP sustainable uses, Plant species classification and identification, and flora publications. I have involved in more than 35 projects and also collaborate with international institutions in the field of plant systematic as the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh, UK (E), The Muséum Natonal d’Histoire Naturelle Paris, France (P), L, UPS, BKF, RPPU, HU and HCMU as well as FFS/NUOL and NAFRI. Also I had been studied on revision of genus Amomum Roxb. Zingiberaceae for the flore du Cambodia, du Laos et du Vietnam. My great honour to get outstanding researcher award in Plant taxonomic from the 20th Anniversary of National University of Laos, in 2016 and outstanding research award in natural Science of FNS in 2020 and of NUOL in 2021 on the 25th Anniversary of NUOL. My publications as scientific papers in national and international journals are more than 50 papers and I have presented my researches at national and international scientific conference more than 20 times.


ໂທລະສັບ +856 20 22245515 / +856 20 58573939
ອີເມວ vlamxay@yahoo.com; Vichithlamxay@gmail.com;
ເຟກບຸກ Vichith Lamxay

MSc. In Wood Working Technology (1992, Belarussian Technology Institute (Soviet Union)

PhD. In Wood Science (1998, University Putra Malaysia)

Dean of Faculty of Forest Science, National University of Laos


ໂທລະສັບ +856 20 99801393
ອີເມວ l_boupha@yahoo.com


ໂຄງການສ້າງແມ່ບົດລາຍຊື່ຊະນິດພັນໄມ້ສໍາລັບ ສປປ ລາວ 

“Establishment of a Tree Species Master List for Lao PDR”


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